Tuesday, October 10, 2017

what to do when the world turns dark and become silent?

to love is to smile.

to love is to cry.

to love is to feeling happy.

 to love is to feeling upset.

at first with all these buttefly inside your stomach.
you look at the world as it perfect.
you look at the world like it ignited with fireworks.


the world turns dark.
than the world is become silent.

you feel deserted and isolated.

you feel like you are down.
you fall at your lowest.
down to your knees.
found yourself begging and praying and hurting.

we all seek for a solution to ease this.

in a religion view: god is testing you. god tells you to comeback, comeback into god.
in a melancholist view: you have to cry it all out.

darling ,yes what they said are all could be true.

darling before all of that, stand up on your feet first than pray than cry.
and pray again and again and again and again and again .....
than do whatever you can do to ease your pain. in a good way.

darling me and you, we have to remember this:
before we cling into others make ourself strong than before.
stronger than the pain itself.

[ to love is to hurt
but it hurst more not to love ]

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