Friday, March 11, 2016

merenungkan saja

akhir-akhir ini berintrospeksi. i was in this situation,one of my friends told me that 'kamu itu klo ngomong suka nyakitin' and then suddenly i changed, i try to speak really careful with my words.

that was yesterday.

and now that this happen... a few of my friends spoke to me, and joking about my feelings.they say cruel things and rude things to me. i'm being patient.but at one point i shed tears.still not telling them anything.

but one moment.i say to one of them.stop  saying bad words and he just laugh like my words are nothing.honestly i feel like i'm a moron.

and then i realize.i deserve to be treat humanly,like a goddess, i didnt do anything wrong, even if i do wrong.i know how to apologize.

people nowadays really dont know how to say sorry.they make someone feeling as a joke.they like to point others for what they did.

and you.yes have no time please learn to be honest and stop laughing at your mistakes that hurt a gentleman or ladies ppl.

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