Friday, March 11, 2016

life is life and im livin it

i am kind of people that overthinking.when it comes to feeling, i sometimes misjudge sometimes was and can be really hard when you are the one who making decision bout your life.when you tell stories to people they say you are a crybaby.when you keep it to yourself that you are an introvert.when you making joke about your life and all the shitty thing happens,people laugh at you.

well it aint a problem or problems sure sometimes could be really hard.but i dont care.i laugh i cry when i want, i shout when i want,i disapointed even angry whenever i feel it has to.even if theres no one around to comfort me or making jokes saying that word: baper.

i dont a human.i have feelings.i really need to bring my feelings (also logic) everywhere,everytime.that makes me human.

feel free to say im baper or galau.i dont care.i own my the queen of my life.i rule it and im living it.

this is my digital public book.i can write anything,you can read me but you dont really know me
f ya cruel people 😛✌

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