Tuesday, January 19, 2016

how do i live my life.should be like

if we being cautious.being impetuous.then we'll be hurt. if we want to keep alive,we have to move forward no matter how hard the road is.no matter how deep the scars they left.if we doesnt live we'll die anyway soon kid.we believe in what people tell us to,we live the way they want us to.we forget to love ourself,love our soul.we're selling what we call our pride.if everything works the way they want,maybe we have to look deep inside.do our soul live freely? or we kept inside the invisble cage.they may mocking us,telling us how they want us to shape.but our sould needs a food.a food called freedom.freedom that lead us to good choices.to good decision.to a good place then. to happiness.not the one in the fairy tale.but in real life.

the conclusion is: cry loud,laugh loud,live in this full of drama, f**kdam*sh*t and cruel world.love yourself if you can. if it doesnt work just laugh at this stupid life god has made us to  live for.no matter how hard it is. find that so called inner peace as how you see kid.

~ as my heart said #noted

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